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Julia, Toronto

I have always been a closet singer, but was terrified to speak let alone sing in front of people. When I describe myself to students at Art's classes, I describe myself in the beginning as his worst student. But by trusting in Art and his exercises, I discovered that I was having fun and getting better all the while. Art has a knack of reducing the things that stop us from performing, and encouraging us to grow in confidence. It is a paradox, when you discover that, when the voice is not that important, the voice does get better.

Since then, I have performed at many different functions and at many showcases and have always been able to feel that link with the audience, and left knowing that I have shared some emotion with people. I have also been able to use those skills in my working field. I can now speak / present where before I would have been terrified.

Being prepared, and knowing your material is only a small part of it. The intangible portion is being able to sing/talk sincerely with your audience, to respect them and share your thoughts with them. Art is able to bring this intangible out in his students, and that is what makes his classes different and very special. Showoff's has since become a welcome part of my life.

Thank you Art, for helping me grow.

Julia Wilson