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John, Toronto

What the workshop meant to me!

I wanted to learn to sing at least one song as well as I could sing it with what I believed, and was led to believe, was a very limited voice. I had tried to find a teacher through the conservatory of music or church choir leaders etc. but nobody was interested in such a small project. My secretary who knew of my plan saw a notice in a newspaper for "Showoffs" and I signed up.

I screwed up the music for the song I wanted learn. Art picked "Happy Birthday" to start me off because I was so unprepared. I practiced with that the first day. He then chose, of all songs, "Danny Boy", one of the toughest Irish songs to sing. At the closing exercise I sang it. I know I made a number of mistakes but I enjoyed singing it. I now have the confidence to improve on it some more and I believe I can sing.

This is a huge transformation at my age, 52, to have no clue about music and sing all the way through "Danny Boy", mistakes or not.

Way to go Art! Thank you for your professioanlism and support.

John Church