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Gillian, Toronto

Are you a closet Showoff? I know I was…

I have loved to sing ever since I could remember. Trouble was, I could never bring myself to sing for other people and like it. My heart would pound and my voice would shake and it felt AWFUL….probably sounded worse! I tried to solve the problem on my own and even fronted a band for awhile, but one night my nerves were so bad I decided to either quit singing or get help.

When I found Art’s website I knew that I’d kick myself down the road if I didn’t give it a shot. Art challenged me to think about performing in a different way. With lots of encouragement and exercises designed to diminish the stagefright demon, I have come to love what I do. The irony is that the enjoyment factor is what makes a performer really shine: it’s a win-win situation.

I have since ventured into the recording studio with my own songs, played at local open mics and travelled to the States to perform with other Showoffs alumni who live there.

There has been so many benefits of taking the leap and contacting Showoffs: flourishing self-confidence, exercising my creativity, connecting with like-minded people, to name just a few. By far, the biggest reward is the satisfaction of pursuing my passion.

My motto: you never know ‘til you try!

Gillian Thomas