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Ann, Singer

My name is Anne, and I live in Atlanta.

I've been a music student most of my life, majored in voice in college, been a soloist in my church, and given concerts off and on over the years, but this thing called stage fright kept me from being able to relax in front of an audience.  When I would get up to sing, first of all, I would be so out of breath, that I had no breath support or control.  My hands and  legs would shake uncontrolably.  My heart, well that's another story!  All of a sudden, it became a hammer that would beat so hard and fast that I could hardly breathe, much less sing.

I searched for stage fright and found Art's website!  How exciting to think that there might be some help out there!

Art is an incredibly perceptive teacher who knows how to get past those obstacles and bring out the performer in you.  By the end of the workshop, I was singing with more confidence and freedom and feeling more comfortable on stage.

The workshop, and Art's encouragement and support have helped me to believe that dreams can come true.   It's really a wonderful and exciting feeling to know that I can now perform without having to hide behind a pill, mask, piano or podium.

Thank you Art for chipping away things that have kept me from enjoying performing, and being the best performer that I can be!

Anne Martin