Showoffs specializes in helping people overcome shyness, nervousness, self-consciousness
and stage fright through a series of customized voice and singing classes.  Overcome your shyness
in a fun and non-threatening environment with an internationally acclaimed vocal coach.

Based in downtown Toronto, Showoffs offers affordable private vocal instruction/singing lessons to kids
and adults as well as group performance workshops to improve confidence and stage presence.

Whether you’re a beginning or established singer, working musician, student, corporate professional
or a total non-performer, Showoffs will improve your vocal skills and bring out your personality as well as
help you control and overcome the nerves and anxieties that stop you from performing your best.
Click here for customized private lessons for kids.

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Each student receives customized instruction with hands-on guidance and support,
to tackle his or her unique goals and needs.

                           * Improve your vocal and singing ability
                           * Develop performance and presentation skills
                           * Build confidence and stage presence
                           * Overcome stage fright, shyness and self-consciousness
                           * Connect with your audience