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Success Stories
The Performance Workshop


Showoffs Studio for Performaers in our Toronto studio is a fun and exciting class for people from all walks of life. Throughout it's 28 year history, Showoffs has helped thousands improve their voice, confidence, stage presence and performance skills as well as help them overcome the fear of singing, speaking or performing in public.

Students of all vocal abilities prepare songs to sing live among classmates each week.  Through these mini-performances, the Coach (Art Nefsky) identifies your particular performance obstacles, addresses vocal technique and concentrates on providing effective performance exercises.  You’ll improve your vocal skills, confidence and stage presence, and reveal your own style and personality.

Are you self-conscious or shy?  Does being in the spotlight make you nervous?  Do you feel uneasy or intimidated when performing, giving a speech, doing a presentation at work or even talking to fellow workers? With Showoffs’ proven techniques and lighthearted approach, your discomfort will begin to fade after just one session.   

Contact Showoffs today to reserve your space, and start lighting up the stage!