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Art Nefsky

Who is Art Nefsky?

Art Nefsky is a special talent. Though he boasts an impressive 35-year resume as an actor, comedian, singer, writer, and mime, it’s his excellence in voice and performance instruction that has earned him international acclaim. He is well known as a voice/confidence/performance coach and for his ability to help people from all walks of life overcome the fear of singing, speaking or performing in public.

Nefsky began his own performance career in 1973, at the Ryerson Theatre Program in Toronto, studying voice and acting. Within just three years, he hit television and nightclub stages as “Igor” on City TV’s, monster movie of the week “Monsters We Know And Love” and was also one of Yuk Yuk’s original performers. As a recognized actor/comedian/singer, Nefsky performed throughout the 1980s and 1990s with some of Toronto’s top improv artists in dinner theatre murder mysteries, cabaret and corporate events across North America.

Identifying a great need among novice and experienced performers alike, Nefsky launched Showoffs Studio for Performers in 1987 to help others improve their voice as well as reduce or overcome performance anxiety, shyness and self-consciousness. As Director of Showoffs, Nefsky provides weekly private and group performance classes and vocal technique instruction in his downtown Toronto studio. From beginner singers, to public and corporate speakers, to theatrical professionals, and even non-performers preparing for a spotlight event, speech or business presentation, Nefsky addresses each student’s unique difficulties, helping them improve their vocal technique while breaking through insecurity, nervousness, stage fright, perfectionism, and a myriad of other obstacles.

The result? Confident speakers, better and comfortable singers, dramatic actors, comedic characters, thrilled audiences, and relieved performers. His joyful, supportive and humorous approach sets his students glowing with pride and delight. Even a short time at Showoffs can transform the most introverted and fearful person into a self-assured entertainer.

Nefsky is a world-renowned expert in eliminating stage fright and anxiety in public speakers and entertainers of all levels. His work is internationally recognized in numerous magazine and newspaper articles, books and television programs, and his own book, "Scaring Away Stage Fright" is requested around the world.

Nefsky continues to act and sing for his own professional development and personal satisfaction. He is currently working on educating and training developing performers and non-performers in confidence and vocal/presentation skills for the stage or general workplace.