Located in downtown Toronto, Showoffs offers private education and training to kids
and adults in confidence building, public speaking, and voice, as well as group performance
workshops for confidence and stage presence. Improve your voice, range, tone, power and breath control.
Perform like a pro with confidence, charisma and stage presence.

Whether you’re a public speaker, a performer, a total non-performer, or even a shy office worker
who would like to either speak with more volume and confidence at work, or have the courage to belt out a song
at a karaoke bar, Showoffs will improve your vocal skills and bring out your personality as well as help you control
and overcome the nerves and anxieties that stop you from performing your best. We also incorporate fun and customized
vocal and/or singing exercises and techniques used as tools that are extremely effective in helping with performance anxiety
issues, accent reduction, stuttering/stammering and other vocal obstacles.

Check out our "Success Stories" as well as the "In The News" section to read articles
and view television appearances featuring Art Nefsky and Showoffs.

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and check out your voice, tone, vocal range, pitch and breath control.

                           * Improve your vocal and singing ability
                           * Develop performance and presentation skills
                           * Build confidence and stage presence
                           * Overcome stage fright, shyness and self-consciousness
                           * Connect with your audience